What’s the process of getting transcript from any Indian university?

Process and Procedures for getting Transcripts

Thousand of Indians who wish to go for Canada and USA always come with the question to us about how to apply transcript from Indian Universities, how does it look like and where should they start from? So, here is some information with our experience for those who are worried about getting transcripts from Indian Universities.

As of today 31.03.2019, India has over 907 University which includes State Universities 399, Deemed to be Universities 126, Central Universities 48, Private Universities 334. While we have so many Universities but they all do not practice any specific format or use common procedures. Each university will differ with their design or method to issue a transcript.

This blog has everything on how your transcript issued and how you can apply online just with few clicks and get the transcript in a few days!

What is the Transcript and Official Transcript?

In most common Universities or especially getting a transcript from Government Universities, you have to make multiple visits and stand in queue, wait for many hours sometimes those officials will be so busy that you will be asked to come back next day, this next day can be extended to a week or finally you can get a chance only by paying for their time or begging the concerned officer to favour your transcript application.

You can get off that pain and long wait by visiting our website. Go to our website. Select the University. Provide information. That’s it! Our team will handle the rest. They will visit your University in person and do all the application, follow-ups and arrange the transcripts as required by the process. It’s hassle-free. You’ll save your energy, money and time.

What is the general process of getting a transcript from any Indian University?

Basic Instruction to the applicants

  • Take a photocopy of your marks sheet and degree certificate
  • Take a photocopy of ID and Transcript Request Form
  • Make a request letter for transcript and mention your purpose for applying transcript.
  • In case your degree certificate size is bigger, then you can visit any Cyber café, photocopier center to resize to fit into A4 size.
  • Make sure to write the address correctly where the transcript should be shipped.
  • If you wish to have additional copies then you have to mentioned in the request letter.
  • There are many frauds and rackets in servicing a transcript, you need to check the authenticity of such people thoroughly before taking help.

If you have any confusion about it, you can immediately ring the helpdesk of the university or the service provider. The support team will assist you over which documents should be enclosed with the application. Otherwise, you have to go in person at the university and place a request for a transcript.