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Genuineness Certificate

This certificate is a confidential report of degree course of a student and the same is issued to an employer of State or Central Government Services/ Public Enterprises/Private Sector/ Foreign or Indian Embassy

What is Genuineness Certificate?

A Genuineness Certificate is an official document attesting the truth of the facts states, as of birth, marital status, death, health, completion of an academic course, credentials, ability to practice a profession, etc. It is issued by an overriding authority who verifies the credentials and information and approves the documents as authentic.

Why is it important?

A Genuineness Certificate is indicative of the validity and authenticity of the information, credentials, and documents of the candidate. Since it is vetted by authority and issued after verification of the documents, it stands as solid evidence of authenticity. One can use the Genuineness Certificate to prove their credibility to academic institutions, professional organizations, and governmental institutes.

We help companies, consultancies, and Embassy applies for the verification of the various important certificates like the Degree or provisional certificate or HRD attestation.

An applicant who wishes to hold a valid FACTS ID can apply for the same and use it for future purposes like securing a job etc. Receive your genuineness certification in the best, most effective, and hassle-free manner and skip the line for other self-verification means and methods. The process of obtaining a genuineness certificate is very simple.

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