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Document Procurement – Convocation Certificate

Students who have completed the programme successfully and acquired the total number of credits allotted for the programme are eligible to apply for Convocation.

What is Convocation Certificate?

A passing certificate conveys your marks obtained during the final year of graduation whereas a Convocation certificate is an official document of your successful completion of the degree.

FACTS Online Convocation Service :

The process of obtaining a transcript through FACTS Transcripts is incredibly straightforward. The candidate is not required to go through tedious paperwork
cycles or make several journeys to colleges. In our database, we have complete information on the convention and protocol, as well as university prerequisites. As a
result, our relationship with the college and the candidate is clear and accurate.

We know what is advantageous to our clients and what is beneficial to us. Our services act as a conduit between the university and the student in need of a
convocation Certificate. This digitalizes the entire procedure, making it easier, faster, more secure, and more reliable.

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