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Procure Electronic Transcripts

Our services are designed to facilitate compliance with WES, IQAS, PEBC, NDEB, NASBA, CAPR, NZQA, ICAS, NCESS, ICES, ECE, UK NARIC, eduPASS, ACEI, GCEUS, Comparative Education Services, NNAS, NCA, SAQA, QMAS, FORAC, Australian Pharmacy Council etc.

What is Electronic Transcripts

E-transcript means receiving your transcript electronically. There are three basic methods for exchanging electronic transcripts or documents – online, network exchange, and email.

Online: The most popular method for distributing electronic materials. Typically, the academic institution issuing your transcript will have its own system. If it does not, it will hire a third party to meet your electronic transcript needs in a timely manner. These electronic documents consist of digitally signed, certified PDF files.

Network Exchange: The agreement between WES and the institution issuing your document resulted in the establishment of the document exchange network. Your official electronic transcript is also delivered by select third-party vendors.

Email: Documents sent as attachments via email are not considered official unless the institution and the service provider have agreed that only emails sent via an approved official email will be considered accurate.

Why is it important?

Many universities and institutes now publish academic papers in digital or electronic form because they can no longer send or receive physical papers due to COVID -19.

As advances in technology evolve, so do our ability to use them. The security of sending and receiving official electronic documents is of paramount importance. As the transmission of documents over the Internet is quick and easy, the management of physical copies and records also becomes simpler. These documents can be easily transferred online for educational or work purposes because they are electronic.

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