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Document Procurement – Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction certificate is generally needed when you decide to travel abroad for your further education. The certificate can also be used for work, travelling abroad for permanent settlement or permanent residency. It is important to note that most universities accept this certificate on an individual case basis. Students who meet all the requirements and can display an exceptional level of proficiency in order to receive an unconditional letter without the submission of English tests. According to UNESCO, “providing education in a child’s mother tongue is indeed a critical issue”.

What is a University Medium of Instruction Certificate?

A medium of instruction certificate is an official recognition stating the medium in which one has studied. It further contains other details like list of subjects, marks obtained, subject codes generated by the university.

FACTS Medium of Instruction Online Service :

The process of obtaining a transcript through FACTS Transcripts is incredibly straightforward. The candidate is not required to go through tedious paperwork cycles or make several journeys to colleges. In our database, we have complete information on the convention and protocol, as well as university prerequisites. As a result, our relationship with the college and the candidate is clear and accurate. We know what is advantageous to our clients and what is beneficial to us. Medium of Instructions or English Medium Letter is mostly used for UK NARIC, which is now known as UK ENIC and is administered by ECCTIS.

Our services act as a conduit between the university and the student in need of a medium of instruction ( MOI). This digitalizes the entire procedure, making it easier, faster, more secure, and more reliable. Request for Sample, contact us today!

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