How to get KUK Transcript online

Consider the following procedures, in case if you want to have online completely then you may call us on 8088880630 to get support for hassle-free transcripts.

  1. Print this form:… (this is updated form also available on the university website free of cost, SAVE PAPER AND PRINT BOTH SIDES ON ONE PAGE)
  2. Fill all the details. WES has recently changed the process of receiving the Transcripts. Earlier students use to have the option of either sending the Transcript directly or through the university. But now WES accepts transcripts from university only. (As per the new policy dated on 1st December 2018). So in the address space at the bottom of the form fill the address of WES.
  3. Count your documents of which you want a transcript.
  4. Ensure that photocopy of the documents is clear and exact (nothing should be missing on the photocopies like dates, numbers, signatures at the bottom, serial No. at the top.) Also, DON’T get the photocopies attested. The photocopies should be black and white and not colored.
  5. Also double-check the details on the Marksheet and Degree like name of the candidate, father name and mother name, etc. Even one incorrect alphabet and you will not get the transcript.
  6. So if any mistake like name of the candidate, father name and mother name, etc. is there then first get them corrected (altogether a different procedure and this is the process for that What is the procedure to correct my name/father’s name/mother’s name/registration number in DMC/Marksheet/Degree certificates issued by Kurukshetra University?).
  7. Pay the fees either through online Kurukshetra University or in the Oriental Bank of Commerce branch of Kurukshetra University.
  8. Now how to calculate the fees. Consider this example: Suppose you are in B.Com. (Annual System). Now as B.Com. is of 3 years so you will have 3 DMC and 1 degree. That counts to 4 documents. Hence the fees will be 4 Documents x Rs 500= Rs 2000/-. Further, make a not of the point that if you are attaching a WES / SAQA (Assessment Agency or Verification Agency) form add Rs 500/- to the above amount. Postal charges are Rs 200/-(by university sends Transcription by Registered Post Only) (Recently WES has changed the process of receiving the Transcript, earlier students use to have the option of sending on their own or through university but now WES will accept a transcript from university only). So to say 4 Documents +1 WES / SAQA (Assessment Agency or Verification Agency) form +Postal Charges will cost you Rs 2700/- per set of Transcript. The more set you want of the same documents just increase the amount.
  9. There will be an envelope within an envelope. The inner envelope will be a sealed one with university stamps on it. So if you get the transcript at your home please update every one not to open the inner envelope as it will become useless and you will have to go through the entire procedure again.
  10. Attach all the documents and fee receipt(if online) / if deposited in OBC, Kurukshetra University then pastes on the back of the form.
  11. Deposit the bunch in the Exam Wing-2, Certificate Section Top Floor in Room No. 100. If someone is depositing the form on behalf of the candidate then attach a copy of Aadhar Card (preferably) of both (Candidate and Depositor) & if candidate is depositing the form himself or herself then no need of it (but to be on safe side do carry all your documents and identity proof and one set of photocopy of DMC / Degree / identity proof)
  12. They will give you a Dairy Number after checking the documents and fees. Write down the diary number because it will help you in case you need to track your application.
  13. The transcript is prepared regularly, therefore, it is daily routine work. Generally, it takes approximately 15–30 days to prepare the transcript so plan accordingly.

For those who are staying out of India and cannot come to deposit form themselves, send the above-mentioned documents to this address but those in India, we would like to suggest them to go and deposit physically because it’s India and Indian government University so the delay and no response is already in the request.

Controller of Examination-II
Exam Wing 2
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra