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I am Vishnupriya, applied for my BCA and MCA Degrees verification in WES. I contacted both my BCA and MCA pursued Universities for the transcripts and got them successfully. Then I sent them together to WES. After a while, I got a mail from WES saying that “Degree Certificate was not received” for my BCA degree from “Bharathidasan University, India”. I reached out “Bharathidasan University, India” for the same. They said that they will initially send only the consolidated mark sheets. Then I need to separately reach out to the university for getting the degree certificate(they told that it is called as ‘Degree genuineness certificate’) through the college(Idaya college, affiliated to Bharathidasan University) where I pursued the degree. When I tried to check with the college, they are not giving proper support. Is it possible for you to get the degree certificate transcript for me from Bharathidasan University? Please advise with the procedure.

Dear Vishnupriya,

We can help you with our experience!

We provide transcript service for almost for 400 + Universities in India and Bhrathidasan University is one among them with our rating 8 (on a scale of 1-10, being 1 as highest and 10 as lowest) This rating is only for student support and service.

Now coming to your case!

Your problem is common if you are a student of a University which do not attest the marks sheet and degree certificate instead they make one sheet transcript format.

The solution for you is very simple!
You need to send the degree photocopy to WES by speed post or DHL courier whichever you feel convinced on the price and time, WES will accept and complete your ECA, this how we advise all the students and in fact WES will advise you on the same when you call them over a phone.

Note: You doesn’t need to take any help from your University or from your College, all you need to do is just take a Xerox/photocopy and send it to WES that’s it!

Hope this information should help you get rid of the tension you are going through!
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