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New Document Processing Address of WES

The World Education Service (WES) has revealed a new Document Processing Address for all Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) applicants. With effect from January 10, 2022, the WES Global Documentation Centre for all U.S. and Canadian evaluation applications is in Canada. It is one of the most popular assessing authority for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) required for immigration to Canada.

New Document Processing Address of WES

The World Education Services will now accept documents in support of all U.S. and Canadian evaluation applications at the below mentioned locations:

Standard Post:

WES Global Documentation Centre (Reference Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _)

Courier Post:

WES Global Documentation Centre (Reference Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _)
14 – 145 Industrial Pkwy South
Aurora ON, L4G 3V5

Points to remember regarding New Document Processing Address

Find below some key points to remember concerning the latest update:

  • Above-mentioned address are for hard-copy documents only. If your institution has a digital partnership with WES, you may send your documents digitally.
  • In case, your documents are already on the way, they will be forwarded to the mentioned address; no further action is required.
  • If you have not yet sent your documents until now, share these addresses with any relevant institutions. This will help WES provide you with faster service.
  • If you are sending anything yourself, please use the appropriate new address.
  • Please always make certain your reference number is included on the envelope, so the relevant office can match your documents to the correct evaluation.
  • Please be aware that this address is a document processing location, and there will be no specialists on site with access to information about the status of your report. No walk-ins are permitted, and the WES will strictly respect current public health guidelines.

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