When Applying for Your Transcript, Keep in Mind And Ask The Right Questions

So you’ve decided to migrate to Canada.
Therefore, you decide to hire a Transcript company to solve your problem. This company can bring your transcript genuinely, and get you confidence which in the end, will support your immigration process and Visa.

The FACTS Transcripts, we’ve been working in Verification and Transcripts for more than a decade. Since our agency was founded back in 2005, Verification and Transcript procurement has been our main specialty. However, we’ve become experts in University documents retrieval services after being achieved 1,50,000 customer satisfaction.

Having the same company apply for a degree certificate for your education as well as put together a Transcript for immigration strategy can make the best of both works. However, you will want to be careful when hiring a firm to do both your degree and transcript, because many firms will attempt to separate themselves from the competition by showcasing that they are experts in both, when in fact they are only proficient at one

Always do the proper research and ask the right questions to thoroughly examine your partner agency. For example, you should check for their review about its philosophy, process and how long the assignment will take. When you’re searching for a transcript service company, be sure to ask is if they offer to post transcript services, and if so, what are the types.

Some companies say they do a transcript, in reality, the only transcript they’re doing is verification letter. This is not the transcript, but there is much more to get a transcript or for an Official Transcript

Transcript all starts with University: finding which University gives what type of transcript and you’re looking to use it for WES, IQAS, ICAS, ICES, etc. University Transcript doesn’t just include attested marks sheet or one page; it’s about providing the overall study for your program and getting various numerous metrics such as Attested transcript, Formatted Transcript and current procedure with the verification letter included into the transcript.

This is the blueprint for Transcript Process. Once you have this, then comes the application process. Then, it’s time to look at the delivery aspects of the transcript. Do you have network people that they convince Univerisity? As most of the Universities in India do not send international postal and even if paid to do this they are not will to do it.

Once this is all completed, the process is far from over. There is always more complication to be delt when comes to the internal people who make the transcript in the Universities to be fixed, to mention verifier, superintendent, clerk, and controller or registrar, etc.

The questions a client should be asking their potential transcript agency include what type of document needed and an identity proof needed as well as what types of Transcript services they offer such one-page transcript or an attested document.

FACTS Transcripts is an independent organisation that helps you to get sealed official transcripts from Universities in India within a short time.  Do I get a transcript?

If there are any potential issues with a Transcript recommendation, verification team members are able to speak with transcript consultants to iron out the issue. Transcript consultants will also be able to recommend other documents aspects of your education, including name correction, convocation, mark sheet correction and bring it to the successful documentation.

In any business, communication is extremely important. A transcript service team that has in-house service for all your documentation is available to communicate effectively with other team members, making the whole application process much smoother. Getting the correct document could be what takes your idea to the next level.